The Phoenix Patong Grand Hotel: A Relaxing and Stress Free Stay

While planning my vacation to Thailand, I was overwhelmed by the number of options regarding housing and hotels. Through recommendations, I decided to book with the Phoenix Grand Patong Hotel. I was nervous about booking a hotel I had never seen, in a country I had never been to. Of course, there are hotel review sites like TripAdvisor, but those reviews can be fudged. Filled with nervousness, I boarded the plane and began my journey to Thailand. After a long and tiring plane ride, it was a short ride to the Phoenix Grand Patong Hotel. With help from the driver, I unloaded my bags and stared up at the hotel. From the moment I laid eyes on the hotel, I was impressed. At least from the outside, my nerves were settling as I was reassured the photographs online didn’t lie.

The outside of the Phoenix Grand Hotel was something to look at. It didn’t have the standard ugly, square building type I had become accustomed to from most hotels in the United States. The many windows that stretched into the sky gave the hotel an open and friendly appearance when paired with the white paint. That night, I did not venture out into the city to see the sites. I headed straight inside and stood in the check-in line. The receptionist and other staff were very friendly and polite. They understood English and were very understanding of my inexperience with the city. I requested extra pillows to be brought up to my room if it wasn’t too much trouble and they sent someone up with me. They also encouraged me to come back down in the morning and ask for recommendations for sites to see during my stay.

My room was on the third floor and the room signs were very well labeled to remove any confusion. The worker left me with my extra pillows (which were very fluffy) and I was alone to enjoy my room at the Phoenix Grand Hotel. Because I was travelling alone, I had reserved a single bed room. I wasn’t expecting to be in a room big enough for two or more people, but I was surprised to find I was. The room was painted in a smooth white color and the floor to ceiling windows let in enough moonlight that I could have made my way around without turning on the lights. Since I was tired, I decided to call it a night and to go bed. The bed was large, soft and very, very comfortable. I had assumed I would have trouble falling asleep because I was in a strange place, but I fell asleep right away.

The next morning, I was treated to breakfast and advice on where to head first. I spent most of my time outside of the hotel during my vacation, enjoying the surrounding area. I definitely recommend the Phoenix Patong Hotel for anyone who needs to book a hotel for their vacation to Thailand. They turned a potentially stressful situation into a relaxing experience.

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Royal Ivory Nana Hotel Bangkok

A friend had told me that an excellent place to stay in the Sukhumvit area was Nana Hotel Bangkok, so I had booked a room on his advice. Royal Ivory Nana Hotel Bangkok is located at 73 Sukhumvit 4 Alley. As I strolled along the road, approaching the hotel I saw an ATM on my left, next door to the hotel. I was careful to a mental note of its location, as I knew I needed some money later.

As I stepped nervously into the hotel, I was pleasantly surprised. The reception area was immaculate and spacious. The reception desk was a polished wood that matched the expanse of polished wood floor. The receptionist did not speak much English, but I managed to book-in alright, she also explained that I had to leave a THB500 “damage deposit.” A funny “extra” supplied by the hotel in the room were two different brands of condom!

This hotel, which was renovated in 2012, is in a really great location. It is around 3-4 minutes from restaurants and 5-8 minutes’ walk to Nana Station. It is on the edge of a red-light district but not actually in it, so no loud noises and disruption from nearby bars. In fact, the street is reasonably quiet.

Features of the hotel

Royal ivory nana hotel bangkok has a pleasant outdoor pool, it’s not huge, but it’s clean. The hotel has a reasonable free WIFI, cable TV, and a safety deposit box. The hotel has it’s own Thai Massage service and laundry services.

The reception desk is 24 hours, which is handy, and there is also a tour desk, which I think is also 24 hours. The restaurant, and indeed the whole hotel has an Indian flavor to it. If you are a conservative westerner, you will find a lack of choice at breakfast as the main dishes seem to be Indian style. You can sometimes get eggs, but why not try the Indian style dishes?

The bar does not offer entertainment, but I found that to be a good thing. If you want noisy bars with loud music, there are plenty of places nearby. I sometimes like to have a place where I can sit and chill.

The nana hotel offers a free TukTuk service and also an airport shuttle. If you prefer to, you can take the short walk to Nana station and travel to the airport that way. There is free public parking on the hotel site and on-street parking, if you have hired a car.


The hotel rooms have a fair amount of space and come equipped with a minibar, bottles of water, cable TV, and WIFI (not the fastest though). When you consider it is classified as three-star, you are getting quite a high standard of comfort. For the low price, this is an excellent option for single travelers or families.

I was happy staying at the hotel and would recommend it. I would be pleased to check-in there again, although next time I am in Bangkok, I will probably stay at, and review, another hotel.

Great stay in Patong Hotel Phuket at Mirage Patong City Hotel Phuket

My family and I have had an absolutely great time in Thailand over the past two weeks. Thailand has been a truly incredible country to see. The last two weeks were spent on the islands in the South. We chose to stay in a Patong hotel in Phuket. We based ourselves at the Mirage Patong City Hotel Phuket.

The Mirage Patong Phuket Hotel was an awesome choice and we were happy to be staying there throughout our vacation. We flew in from Bangkok and then took a taxi from the airport to the Patong Hotel Phuket where we had plans to stay. The Mirage Patong City Hotel Phuket was easy to get to and when we arrived it didn’t take too long to check in. The staff was friendly and they were very helpful to us in getting settled into the room. The room was not huge, but it was a comfortable size for the four of us and it was clean and tidy. The beds were soft and I think if I were alone I would have taken a nap right then. However, we wanted to get a chance to see the city while it was still light out so we left our bags and went down to the lobby.

mirage patong city hotel

The girl who was working at the front desk got us a tuk-tuk and told him to take us to the main walking street. It was early but the bars were already starting to get wild with tons of tourists of all ages and clearly a wide verity of nationalities out having a great time. We stopped for dinner at one of the quitter places and enjoyed the scenery.

We decided to walk back to our room which was not a problem because the Mirage Patong City Hotel Phuket is set just two streets back from the main walking street, right in the heart of the city, We were able to walk there in just a few minutes. The little bit of space was nice because when we went to our rooms at night it was still quite so we did not have to listen to a lot of noise from the bars.

The sun was just starting to go down when we went up to the private rooftop pool which I am told is pretty rare in Patong hotels in Phuket. The sun set was beautiful over the city and we had a great view from the roof. The pool is not very big but here were only a handful of other people up there. The kids had fun swimming and diving in and climbing out and then doing it again and my wife and I sat and talked about what we wanted to do during the next couple of weeks. After swimming the kids were exhausted and went to bed. My wife and I went downstairs to the Mirage Patong City Hotel Phuket Bar and had a drink before going back upstairs. It had been a long day and I’m happy to say we all got a great nights sleep before the next days adventure.

My Karon Beach Family Hotel Review

Karon Beach Hotel

In general, all I can say shortly about Karon Beach Family hotel is that it is a wonderful hotel where you feel very comfortable because you are surrounded by beautiful interiors, friendly staff, rich breakfast, and great location. Every time I would need a good rest, I am going to choose this hotel, and I look forward to coming back in advance.

The first time we were there in the hotel, the staff was beautiful, professional and warmhearted.

Also, what I would point out especially is that:

  • the breakfast is extraordinary,
  • location excellent,
  • cozy staff, from cleaners all the way to the receptionist,
  • interior decorating extraordinary,
  • modern,
  • bed extremely comfortable,
  • really warm in the whole facility.

All in all, it was very pleasurable to be there in the hotel because of: Beautiful room, quiet climate, the temperature that can be adjusted at will, comfortable bed, windows that open (which is very important to me), perfectly tidy and clean, friendly, helpful and competent staff.

deluxe king room at karon beach hotel

The bed and pillows are extremely comfortable, the bathroom is clean, and everything else is, also, clean which is extremely important. Once again, I have to accept that the location is excellent, parking is available as is the garage. Breakfast was plentiful, with the choice of healthy meals and the usual breakfast items.

When it comes to breakfast, all I can say is that the breakfast is great, many larger hotels would be ashamed of it. There was really everything, and for lovers of Ham and eggs, they got more wrapped up because they had freshly prepared and not scraped eggs. Sweet and salty, yogurt and even soy milk. They do not save on jams, they are not the cheapest. Great coffee.

I was particularly impressed by the very nice service staff. I visit this hotel 3-4 times a year and I am always comfortable and surrounded by nice people, which I am very much looking forward to seeing again. The location of the hotel is also exceptional.

All in all, it was great, I would recommend to anyone and I hope to come again.

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Relaxing in Patong Beach at the Andatel Grande Patong Beach Hotel

I’ve had an absolutely great time traveling in Thailand over the past month. From the beautiful mountains and villages that we visited in and around Chiang Mai to the fast paced night life in Bangkok this has been an amazing adventure. Thailand has been a truly incredible country to see. The last two weeks were spent on the islands in the South. We based ourselves at the Andatel Grande Patong Beach Hotel in Phuket.

The Andatel Grande Patong Beach Hotel was great and everyone working there was so patient and willing to help us figure out what to do on each day. The first day we arrived we were picked up at the airport and taken to the hotel in a large silver van. They brought us directly to the hotel and my wife and I were immediately pleased with our pick of hotel. The front entrance of the Andatel Grande Hotel was very inviting and the staff was great. They handled all our luggage and one of the girls, Pang helped keep the kids amused while we took care of things at the front desk. It only took a few minutes to get our reservations and information confirmed. We got checked into the Andatel Grande Patong Beach Hotel and up into our rooms in less than 10 minutes. The hotel rooms were large and very comfortable with giant windows facing East so that the morning sun was shining in and lighting the place up. The beds were firm but much more comfortable than a few we had experienced along the way and everything looked clean and smelled nice. It was quite hot when we first stepped in but in five minutes the air conditioner had that handled. There were large closets with ample space and after a few minutes of getting everyone’s things put away with the kids running wild and bouncing on the bed and my wife making sure we had not left anything behind in Bangkok.

We decided to simply relax by the pool and enjoy a nice swim and some tasty drinks for the afternoon. The Andatel Grande Patong Beach Hotel Phuket has a private pool in the back, its not huge but not too small and as there were not many people there it was near perfect for the kids to play and for my wife and I to talk a little about what we wanted to do in the next few days.

We decided to have dinner at the hotel that night and then we took a walk to Bangla Street to see what Patong had to offer in the way of scenery. The bars were wild with tons of tourists of all ages and clearly a wide verity of nationalities out having a great time. The Andatel Grande Patong Phuket Hotel is set one street back from the main walking street so we were able to walk there in just a few minutes but at night it was still quite so we did not have to listen to a lot of noise from the bars. It had been a long day and I’m happy to say we all got a great nights sleep before the next days adventure.

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